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World of Warcraft you broke my heart. I was going to spend my entire day off with no responisiblity by playing you for several hours, but you had to be updating and then down all day.

Other stuff:

-I will be back in school on Monday to be on the way to get rid of my math requirements. I will be out of Clark by fall (shut up) and hopefully in University by winter. My life will be moving along. I think I've decided on getting my masters in business and minoring in philosophy. At least that way I can study philosophy and land a job that will make bank.

-Scott and I are going to work out daily before a class we share, and perhaps by the end of the quarter I will appear toned.

-I got a rad new cd deck for my truck that is SIRIUS satellite ready, and can play CD-R data discs with mp3 files or WMA files, so I can fit approximately 700 megs worth of songs on one CD. That translates to 112 Metallica songs (my whole collection) on one disc. The extra wattage and amperage make my existing speakers sound fuller and can get louder before they distort. Some time in the future I want to put an amp behind my seat and plop a sub in the secret compartment underneath the seat in the back. My truck will be a mobile concert hall.

-I turn 21 in one month and 5 days, and I look forward to drinking with buddies in the pub, and buying booze for Chris May. I'm not going to pay for it, I'm just going to buy it. With a gratuity of course.
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Deleted comment

"At least that way I can study philosophy and land a job that will make bank."

What brought this about?
Still, its the smartest move he's made.
We'll never know :(

If only Kevin had majored in Philosophy he'd be able to tell us after visiting the mountain to ponder the question.
there's only one way this can end. i get wasted and put on a sombrero and guitar while you drive around with me in the bed and blast swedish death metal. once we have like 3 hot chicks each we can fill the bed up with lukewarm water and it'll be like a mobile love spa.

or something else...whatever. i just thought this up and i'm not even wasted, think of possibilites once my brain gets a nice dose of liquid imagination.