Cap'n Jones (murasakisaru) wrote,
Cap'n Jones

Here we go again

Terrorist attack in London. Guess who did it? One of my favorite sayings: Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all (or nearly all) terrorists are Muslims.

I hope the socialists in England don't say, "We will not tolerate these actions. We are withdrawing all militant forces stationed around the world engaged in fighting terror."

I also hope we don't hear the line from Team America (paraphrased): "Who do we blame for these attacks? The supplier of the weapons, or the terrorists themselves? No. Blame Team America..." Or England or any Western civilization with a spine fighting off the onslaught of Islamofascism.

In other news I am going to finish college, move to Hawaii, surf the mornings, work the days, and BBQ in the night. I'll finish learning Japanese so I can set up a tour guide business, date a Japanese girl for a while but eventually settle down with a home-grown girl. Life will be good.
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