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Ah, another February 14th!

You know what that means.  Anybody who's anybody gets (has) to look at their significant other and profess their undying love by spending loads of money on food, flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals and whatever else the "holiday" requires you to.  Now I'm not coming down on Valentines Day, I think it's great that we've commercialized love.  It's good for the economy.  But don't you think it would be great if Valentine's Day was sort of a floater holiday where couples can get together and celebrate themselves when they wanted to rather than when Hallmark says so?  The way it would work is each couple would recieve a ticket book from participating companies once they've reached a certain length in their relationship and they are good for Valentines-esque things for one day so that they can celebrate Valentines in, oh say, July.   

I mean think about it, no more guys feeling resentful when they feel compelled to go out and buy stuff that the chick doesn't really care about, but thinks she does.  And if there's one thing that can stifle love is resentment.  Instead let's have it so that each couple gets to spend Valentine's Day on their own accord, so they can do it when and how they want, not when and how they ought to.  I think it would be more meaningful, and we would have less saps without dates writing about how shallow and meaningless this holiday really is while the rest of the people who are part of couples say to themselves, "Geez, I'll jump through the hoops as long as I'm not one of those guys." 

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