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I worked for 10 hours last night.

I added two people to my "Go Fuck Yourself" list. That's impressive since that list never existed before. The two members are Debbie Bingman and Amy Picknet. They work in banquets at the Heathman Lodge, and if you ever see them, say, "Go fuck yourself."

Debbie is more concerned that I have something to do and not standing around than what she's supposed to be doing, even though I get there two hours before her to set up, and stay two hours to tear down, and what she wants me to be doing is her work. One time there was a sweet fire at work, and I was watching the firemen cut open the building to get to the source, and she walks outside and says to me, "I've got a tray you can take to the dishroom." Of course that isn't the only instance, but imagine that sort of thing happening at least 5 times a shift, every shift. She needs to go fuck herself.

Amy is a scrawny bitch with BO all the time and she always treats me like I'm stupid, even though she's my age with kids and a dumbass boyfriend who makes her cry every other night taking her away from work. I've got pretty thick skin, so her snide comments usually are wasted on me since I refuse to engage her in conversation. But last night I almost went ape shit on her when we were clothing some tables. It was around hour 8 at midnight and I wasn't doing it properly due to fatigue (and if you're too tired to cloth a table, you need to go home, which I did around two hours after this incident), and she started getting even more bitchy than her normal self. Eventually she yells, "KEVIN! STOP!", and I looked at her with my best "If-you-do-anything-like-that-to-me-again-there-is-no-amount-of-teeth-and-nails-that-can-stop-me-from-taking-my-knee-and-driving-your-nose-into-your-brain-you-smelly-whore," look and kept doing what I was doing before. Pssh, and she wanted me to save empty beer bottles from customers for her so she could turn them in for money. She need to go fuck herself.
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