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Money makin'

I've thought of a new way to get rich quick. Lots of people read horoscopes and actually believe in the signs of the Zodiac and whatnot, and my new idea can become a fad, bringing in truckloads of money, then taper off, then come back 20 years later when I'm broke. My idea is that instead of using Zodiac signs for predictions, we use the Seven Deadly Sins. Check it out:

"Today may get a bit sticky today, dear Glutton, as Easter candy hits the market today with limited edition Raspberry filled Cadbury eggs. Plan to pack a few extra napkins on your way to the store."

Or, "Spring time is coming soon you sleepy Sloths, your future may entail bits of nagging from relatives or coworkers from lack of initiative due to desires to be out in the hammock. It's best to split up nap times into smaller chunks so you can get those pesky nags off your back."

I could write several books on which Sins go together well and which ones clash. Lust and Greed go together well, Anger and Greed get along fine, but not as well as sloth and Gluttony. And everyone should stay away from Pride. Those people are pricks.

I could also come up with symbols for each one so I can sell stickers, shirts, necklaces and even coffee mugs. Sloth could be ZzZz, Gluttony is a piece of bacon, and Anger is a middle finger.
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